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Welcome to MiamiVoice

What would you like to see happen in your city? Connect your wallet and help your community

Who is miami voice

Who is Miamivoice

Miami Voice is a MiamiCoin app that allows you to propose ideas and vote on how Miami should spend their funds raised through MaimiCoin ($MIA) mining.

How Does It Work

Vote and create ideas for your city in 4 easy steps

Get Wallet

Get the Stacks Wallet browser extension. This is the wallet used by MiamiCoin.

Buy Miami Coin

Get some MiamiCoin. Get it at okcoin.com or by mining (no fancy hardware required).

Login to Miami Voice

Log into Miami Voice account with your wallet. You must have some $MIA in your wallet.

Review and Vote

Review and vote on existing proposals, or create your own proposals.

Who is miami voice

What Is Maimi Coin

MiamiCoin is a cryptocurrency built to raise funds for the Magic City. In order to generate new MiamiCoin, miners contribute money - 30% of this is set aside in a cryptocurrency wallet for the city of Miami to use how they please.

The remaining 70% is given back to holders of MiamiCoin to earn money by "stacking" MiamiCoin - simply locking it away for one or more 2-week cycles. As time goes on, there will be more ways to use and spend your $MIA, all the while supporting the beautiful city of Miami, Florida.

A new coin for a new and improved generation of Miami, by and for the Miami citizens.

Raised For Miami: